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    Arts and Crafts
    Meeting with fascinated craftsmen and artists talented height. They express their know-how through unique works according to their imagination and to their inspiration. For the public, the result is always a pleasant surprise... Only for the pleasure of your eyes!
49 in Burgundy.
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Art, Craft and Gallery in Varzy


Emilie Hériveau 5 rue Dinot 58210 Varzy 58210 Varzy (Nièvre)
Phone : 06 10 31 94 47

Art, Craft and Gallery in Marsannay-le-Bois

Fonderie d'Art

Jean Claude Lauterbach La Fontaine 21380 Marsannay-le-Bois (Côte-d'Or)
Phone : 03 80 35 76 70
Sculptures, rénovation bronze, gravure
main et laser, médailles .... Visite sur

Art, Craft and Gallery in Montpont-en-Bresse

stylos artisanaux en bois pencils-arts

Girard Sandrine 655 route de la montovie 71470 Montpont-en-Bresse (Saône-et-Loire)
Phone : 03 85 72 51 10  - Fax : 03 85 72 95 85  - Mobile phone : 06 44 07 32 27
I am designer of handcrafted wood pens. All my designs are shot by myself in the heart of Bresse Bourguignonne are unique because I use no Copier on my lap, in general I turn to the feeling which ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Montceau-les-Mines

Galerie d'art plastique Mireille Kazmine

Mireille Kazmine 13 rue de la république Montceau les mines 71300 71300 Montceau-les-Mines (Saône-et-Loire)
Phone : 06 68 30 10 78

Art, Craft and Gallery in Château-Chinon

Les Petits Joyaux

Breugnot Laure 3 rue du square 58120 Château-Chinon (Nièvre)
Phone : 07 87 75 85 52
Craft company located in the heart of the Morvan, the small jewels offers objects of everyday life, decorative or custom and gift ideas. All are worked by hand (painting, engraving...) on original ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in La Chapelle-Saint-André

Atelier La Marteline

Sylvie Rebiffé-Biondi Créantay - 58210 La Chapelle Saint André 58210 La Chapelle-Saint-André (Nièvre)
Phone : 03 86 29 99 57
contemporary mosaicist and window in glass paving stone

Art, Craft and Gallery in Prunoy

Atelier Marin des bois

Marin des bois La bissoterie 89120 Prunoy (Yonne)
Phone : 03 86 91 86 40
Sculptures, lamps, jewelry, furnishers, come and visit ben&emi's workshop : Marin des bois

Art, Craft and Gallery in Noyers-sur-Serein

Chez Claire et Andy SQUIRE

Andy SQUIRE Place du Marché au Blé 89310 Noyers-sur-Serein (Yonne)
Phone : 03 86 82 66 17
Galerie, vente et atelier de Pôterie.
Ouvert tous les jours sauf le Lundi.
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