микросхема Parc de Loisirs "Pieds nus" La FERME en SOL

посещение достопримечательностей , парки отдыха,зоопарк dans la Nièvre

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смотреть близкорасположенное жилье  Parc de Loisirs "Pieds nus" La FERME en SOL TVORG-11872 **Tourisme-Modifier la fiche**
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Parc de Loisirs "Pieds nus" La FERME en SOL

Bruno GATEL Route de Sainpuits 58410 Entrains-sur-Nohain (Nièvre)
телефон : 09 78 23 31 48
смотреть на сайте http://www.parcpiedsnus.com Young and old, come and discover a whole new concept of leisure park: THE FARM LAND.
Both unusual and nature, the Park Farm in Sol offers activities based on the well-being, relaxation, plants and the 5 senses.

Originality? You leave your shoes in order to (re) discover, through multiple activities, the pleasure of walking barefoot for a return to freedom of childhood. Thrills!

And if you do not want to leave your shoes or it's too cold ???... no problem! ... Most of the many fun activities in the park can be done with or without shoes and always ... relaxation and good mood.

Examples?: You can search puzzles along a path very nature, discover your parent tree around the Celtic calendar; delirious discovering the joys of golf country, our team play on plain games, test your sense of balance by following the course of the 5 senses-adventure, you relax your legs in a Kneipp, you lose the heart of the labyrinth of laundresses ... and even get a massage in the Yurt Wellness or walk inside a ball sized like a hamster!

All this intrigue you? So come join us we and our animals! It's in the Nièvre in Burgundy to 2 hours from Paris ^ ^

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