Randonnée cycliste route et vtt la maconnaise val de sâone 2011

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Randonnée cycliste route et VTT La maconnaise val de Sâone 2011

Воскресенье 17 Апрель 2011r. boulicaut frédéric 71000 Mâcon (Saône-et-Loire) macon
телефон : 06 21 43 83 82
смотреть на сайте http://clubcyclistebioux.free.fr/ Mâconnaise the Val de Saône is a touring road cycling and mountain biking.

4 routes Route 100, 80, 60, 40 km, three mountain bike 35 and 43 and 52 km. These routes will be signposted on the road and marked as required in the woods.

Refueling en route.

Onsite exhibition recounting the dangers of doping and smoking,

Live music on the venue.
Hiking "The Mâconnaise Val de Saône" is open to all licensed and unlicensed. Parental consent for those under 18.

The starts Sunday, April 17, 2011 at the House district in MACON Bioux at 7:00 am

Dispatching will be held 7:30 am for the 100 km and 8:00 for the 80 Kms.

Possibility of phased departure for all tours and participants (road, MTB) from 7:00 to 10:30.

To participate in the awards, the circuit cards will be issued on arrival.

A circuit card will be delivered to each participant who will aim to make different points installed on the route, and at the finish. On this card will include a phone number to call in case of emergency.

The refreshments will be provided until 12h and 14h on arrival.

The amount of commitments is to:
For everyone: 4 € for road circuits of 40 and 60 km and for 35 km mountain bike trail 5 € for circuits 80 and 100 km bike and 43 and 52 km

Awards: lots brought into play by different partners of "Mâconnaise - Val de Saône" will be drawn among the participants.

Cuts also reward clubs for their participation according to criteria determined by the organizer and can be modified according participatios (The club's most numerous, the most distant, with the most feminine ...)

On arrival: a free refreshments and a reception for all participants, sponsors and advertisers will be served along with the personalities.

  • Résidence du Cours Moreau 5 Cours Moreau 71000 Mâcon начиная с 42.00 &евро;

    забронируйте  Résidence du Cours Moreau
  • Hôtel Concorde 73 Rue Lacretelle 71000 Mâcon начиная с 54.00 &евро;

    забронируйте  Hôtel Concorde
  • Escatel 4 Rue de la Liberté 71000 Mâcon начиная с 35.00 &евро;

    забронируйте  Escatel
  • Le Relais des Coquassiers Le Bourg 71250 Mazille

  • La Maison des Gardes 18,avenue Charles de Gaulle 71250 Cluny

  • Gîte de La Maison des Gardes 16-av C de Gaulle 71250 Cluny

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