Ontspanning natuur en sportief, Landsporten dans l'Yonne

    Gentle or dynamic, these sports will fill up all family, of the smallest in the biggest. For pure feelings in the heart of the countryside go through ways and tracks by using fauna and flora either appreciate peace of a green or the calmness of a walk on horseback. For big shiver, leave to explore the depths of the earth by practicing the spéleologie or to climb at the top of cliffs with escalation.
3 dans l'Yonne.
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Landsporten in Saint-Père

AB Loisirs

Alexandre Arlot Rue gravier 89450 Saint-Père (Yonne)
Tel : 03 86 33 38 38
AB Entertainment is gespecialiseerd in het organiseren van excursies en activiteiten, waaronder zowel touwen activiteiten, zoals klimmen, speleologie of het avontuur, zoals water activiteiten, zoals ...

Landsporten in Saint-Clément

CAP LOISIRS 89 (bowling, karaoké...)

CAP LOISIRS 89 2, Rue de la Gaillarde 89100 Saint-Clément (Yonne)
Tel : 03 86 65 60 34  - Fax : 03 86 65 16 43
Come to slacken and spend a good moment to Cape Loisirs 89 (1 km of Sens). This center unique in France proposes to you: bowling, billiards - snookers, miniature golf, 2 rooms of squash, 2 courses of ...

Landsporten in Cry

Vélo-Route du Canal de Bourgogne

Base Aventure 3BTOURISME.COM À 500m de L'écluse n°73 89390 Cry (Yonne)
Tel : 03 86 55 93 54  - Fax : 03 86 55 93 54  - Mobiel : 06 07 75 54 75
Since 2002 you can rent Bike's in board of the canal of burgundy or renting canoe's . You'r welcome a wonderfull in the Park AcrobatiX on a tree's !!!
Snack-Bar in board of a river Armançon with ...
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