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Musée François Pompon

C.ZICOT 3 place docteur Roclore 21210 Saulieu (Côte-d'Or)
Tel : 03 80 64 19 51  - Fax : 03 80 64 19 81
Guardare il sito The Saulieu museum, a silent eye-witness of the city exhibits collections of objects that speak of stone as a material and of conviviality.
In it, one can sense the ruggedness of the region and the warm intimacy of a stopping place.
The gallo-roman gravestones and religious sculpture are followed by the animal sculpture of François POMPON - between sculpture and nature - to welcome us in the midst of the flavours of gastronomy that are before all an opportunity to share something around a table... eventually to tell us of a traditional society through its imagery of rural life, and of popular religion, through its saints, both male and female, as much as through ancient ex-voto, the very ones that bring together the world of the living and the world the dead.
A museum that lives the present in a Kind of osmosis with the past.

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