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    Visits of factories
    On the meeting of the craftsmen on their workplace. Of the factory of stained glasses in the tanning by way of a foundry or even a brewery, drill the secrets of the manufacturing
3 in Burgundy.
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picture of Atelier Lebo Vitrail
  • entry 60 €

Factory visit in Perrigny-sur-l'Ognon

Atelier Lebo Vitrail

Leslie Lebault 11 rue du Moulin 21270 Perrigny-sur-l'Ognon (Côte-d'Or)
Phone : 03 80 56 84 29

Factory visit in Labergement-Foigney

SOLSEQUIA - Savons & Cosmétiques doux et naturels

Annabel HENRI-DA SILVA LIMA 1 Ruelle des Patis 21110 Labergement-Foigney (Côte-d'Or)
Phone : 07 70 60 06 70
SOLSEQUIA is a small artisanal company located near the capital of the Dukes of Burgundy, Dijon. We manufacture handmade soaps & soft and natural cosmetics. Our raw materials are natural and mostly ...

Factory visit in Clomot

Savonnerie Artisanale Badiane

Marie-Armelle Tourniant 23 route d'Essey, face au Château, 21230 Clomot 21230 Clomot (Côte-d'Or)
Phone : 03 80 84 17 79
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