8ème medievale des seigneurs de thil

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8ème medievale des Seigneurs de Thil

from August 13 2016 to August 14 2016 Perceval VERDON 21390 Vic-sous-Thil (Côte-d'Or) Forteresse de Thil
Phone : 06 08 23 24 19
Open website http://medievaledesseigneursdethil.blog4ever.Com The fortress of Thil is for the 8th consecutive year of colors during his 2 days of medieval Festival August 13 and 14. Program * parade of companies opening and presentation to the Lords of the fortress: Perceval and visitors. * Perceval enchants its towers of magic in alexendrins and its objects from the bottom of the ages, * Theatre, dance, singing, juggling are also on the agenda for these 2 days of celebration without missing the route of the Knights of the small world of Thil and medieval games. * Find our medieval companies who will share with you their knowledge (crafts and chivalry) * meet our artisans: gingerbread, wands, swords, jewelry, books, plants medecinales... and lots of other surprises. It will be possible to restore on-site and to taste the famous medieval wine: Hypocras (home made) don't miss these 2 days of celebration which will remain engraved in your heart.
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