досуги на природе и спорт , водный спорт en Saône-et-Loire

    Nautical sports
    Initiate in nautical activities that coastal region offers you. The sail, the surfing, the sand yacht or the kitesurf will carry you to the rhythm of tides and of winds up to an experience rich in feelings.

    In calm waters or in white-waters, attract the experience of the canoe and let come, paddle at the hand, on clear waters of these rivers of character. That you choose a gentle or tumultuous descent, you will be able to use a sumptuous natural setting.
2 en Saône-et-Loire.
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водный спорт в Digoin

Les Canalous Bourgogne

M Carignant Port de Plaisance 71160 Digoin (Saône-et-Loire)
телефон : 03 85 53 76 74  - факс : 03 85 53 76 71
Discover the river tourism and Burgundy by renting a boat house without a permit through Canalous. From Digoin or other base, many in France, discover picturesque landscapes. The Nivernais canal and ...

водный спорт в Chardonnay


Talmard Noël Montlaville 71700 Chardonnay (Saône-et-Loire)
телефон : 03 85 40 55 30  - факс : 03 85 40 54 17
PAVILLON SAONE, license-free houseboats (river boats, canal boats) to rent on French rivers and canals
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