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    Arts and Crafts
    Meeting with fascinated craftsmen and artists talented height. They express their know-how through unique works according to their imagination and to their inspiration. For the public, the result is always a pleasant surprise... Only for the pleasure of your eyes!
49 in Burgundy.
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Art, Craft and Gallery in Château-Chinon

Les Petits Joyaux

Breugnot Laure 3 rue du square 58120 Château-Chinon (Nièvre)
Phone : 07 87 75 85 52
Craft company located in the heart of the Morvan, the small jewels offers objects of everyday life, decorative or custom and gift ideas. All are worked by hand (painting, engraving...) on original ...
picture of Photographe portraits/vacances
  • Average season of 60€ to 350€

Art, Craft and Gallery in Auxerre

Photographe portraits/vacances

Laura Tarraf rue du Puits Guérin 89000 Auxerre (Yonne)
Phone : 06 33 83 77 35
American photographer based in Auxerre offering portrait, event, and family vacation photographs while you're in Burgundy!

Art, Craft and Gallery in Vézelay

Atelier d'Enluminure Or et Lumière

Béatrice Van Den Bossche Route de saint père 89450 Vézelay (Yonne)
Phone : 03 86 32 38 59
Atelier d'enluminure Or et lumière - vézelay : création, reproduction, stage, méthode d'enluminure traditionnelle

Art, Craft and Gallery in Montpont-en-Bresse

stylos artisanaux en bois pencils-arts

Girard Sandrine 655 route de la montovie 71470 Montpont-en-Bresse (Saône-et-Loire)
Phone : 03 85 72 51 10  - Fax : 03 85 72 95 85  - Mobile phone : 06 44 07 32 27
I am designer of handcrafted wood pens. All my designs are shot by myself in the heart of Bresse Bourguignonne are unique because I use no Copier on my lap, in general I turn to the feeling which ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Chalon-sur-Saône


MAGUY 9 rue Jean bouin 71100 Chalon-sur-Saône (Saône-et-Loire)
Phone : 03 85 96 66 41
Maguy , artiste peintre , décoratrice sur verre vous propose de nombreux produits à des prix abordables!
Elle peint à main levée sur de nombreuses matières!
A son atelier vous trouverez ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Prunoy

Atelier Marin des bois

Marin des bois La bissoterie 89120 Prunoy (Yonne)
Phone : 03 86 91 86 40
Sculptures, lamps, jewelry, furnishers, come and visit ben&emi's workshop : Marin des bois

Art, Craft and Gallery in La Maison-Dieu

Sculptures sur métal

Goury Bruno 58190 La Maison-Dieu (Nièvre)
Phone : 03 86 24 28 69
Découvrez le travail d'un artiste original : sculptures sur métal, mélanges de pierre et fer, masques en damas, pièces de bronze...
Créations sur demande.

Art, Craft and Gallery in Curgy

Les Eduens Art et Gîte Créations en terre émaillée Bijoux, Déco...

MARLOT Céline n°2 Chemin de la corvèe, Savigny-le-jeune 71400 Curgy 71400 Curgy (Saône-et-Loire)
Phone : 03 85 86 17 23
Discover my creations in glazed terracotta, completely made by hand, from an Earth bread (white, red, clay mixed, black, porcelain).
Each piece is shaped and then dried in the open air.
Each piece ...
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